Time to Register Your Children and Youth!



Welcome to your one-stop-shop, all-Faith-Development-all-the-time, [fledging] RE-Connect website.
RE-Connect has RE-Emerged to offer you one single place to learn about the ins and outs of Religious Education at the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland.
Here you will find take home information for parents for Youth RE classes, recruitment calls, teacher training, in depth reflections on faith development, and many ways to keep up to date with calendars and events. Plus so much more!!!!
As you will find, the website is currently getting an overhaul. BUT you CAN register your child/youth today at the link below. 
RE-Connect will maintain a permanent connection to the church’s main website (right on the homepage!) so you’ll have quick and easy access to *the* ONE source for all your Faith Development programming.

Please take a moment now to register your children and youth for the upcoming 2016-2017 church year.

Simply follow the link below and fill out the quick and easy form. Hit submit and you are all set!

See you soon!

First five registrants receive a FREE FAMILY-FRIENDLY END OF SUMMER SEARCHBOX!


Keep checking back as things develop.

Remember: Classes start September 18!



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