Coming of Age


Our Coming of Age program is a blend of group experience and personal reflection.  Our program offers an online representation, as well as face to face opportunities for relationship. Our program is designed for youth in grade 8.
Each youth is provided with a Mentor that is screened and vetted by leadership of the congregation.

Program Objectives

  • Get to know yourself better
  • Begin to understand other people better
  • Be part of a meaningful community of youth, beyond labels and cliques
  • Make Unitarian Universalism relevant to your life
  • Understand your own religious beliefs more deeply and know how to explain them
  • Examine your values and how they relate to your actions
  • Learn how to live your beliefs and values every day

Schedule | Program Details | Safe Meeting Guidelines | Facebook Page
Tips for Mentors | Mentor Program Syllabus | Our Mentors 2015-2016 | What is a Credo?
Journalling PromptsPreparing Your Faith StatementHow to Write a Faith Statement
Participant Information Form | Parental Permission Submittal Form | Mentor Information Form


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