Journalling Prompts

You will need to refer to your UU Pocket Guide that you received during our first Group Connect. These journaling prompts are just to get you thinking about your Coming of Age journey. You do not have to answer every question for your Faith Statement, or credo.
     Unit One – Community Building
  • How do you like playing games?
  • Do you feel individuals in the group know each other better after the first few sessions of Coming of Age?  Why or why not?
  • What can you do to add to the cohesion of the group?
     Unit Two – Credos
  • What was exploring your autobiography and credo like for you?
  • Were you able to identify beliefs of yours that have changed over time?
  • What brought about these changes?
  • How did you and your family come to Unitarian Universalism?
  • Are you a lifelong UU?
  • What is your earliest memory of this congregation?
  • Is there anything about this unit that speaks to your experience as a UU?
     Unit Three – Unitarian Universalist Beliefs
  • What are some of the values not discussed in these sessions that are important to you?
  • Do you see your own values reflected in conversations with other Unitarian Universalists?  Whether you do or do not, how does this make you feel?
  • What do you think of “faith affirmations”?
  • William Schulz talk about Unitarian Universalist invoking “a global loyalty, an ecological ethic, and a deeper mercy.”  What are some ways our faith does this?
  • Is there anything in this unit that speaks to your experience as a Unitarian Universalist?
     Unit Four – Spirituality
  • Write about your feelings during the various spiritual practices you experienced.
  • Does your family have any spiritual practices?  How were these practices developed?  Do you participate?
  • Which elements of worship (mentioned in the UU Pocket Guide) have you experienced?
  • Which did you enjoy most and why?
  • Is there anything in the chapter that speaks to your experience as a Unitarian Universalist?
     Unit Five – Unitarian Universalist Theology
  • What are some of the “big questions” not discussed that you wonder about?
  • Have you ever had a discussion about theological questions that was particularly insightful for you?  What made it so useful?
  • Describe a time when you interacted with a minister, either at this congregation or in another setting.
  • Are ordained ministers the only people in our congregations who do “ministry”?
  • Is there anything in this chapter that speaks to your experience as a Unitarian Universalist?
     Unit Six – Justice
  • Do you have a social justice hero or heroine?
  • If you were leading your Coming of Age group in a workshop about this person, what would you say?  What activities would you do?
  • This chapter discusses a few areas of oppression where Unitarian Universalists are active.  Have you experienced any work toward eradicating these particular oppressions in your congregation?
  • What other areas of social justice involve members of your congregation?
  • Is there anything in this chapter that speaks to your experience as a Unitarian Universalist?
     Unit Seven – Unitarian Universalist History
  • If you could leave your mark on Unitarian Universalism, what would the history books say about you?
  • What is to be gained by knowing our Unitarian Universalist story?
  • What themes can you identify in our faith’s history?
  • Are you surprised by how far back in history our roots go?  Tell why or why not.
  • What events in our faith’s history are familiar to you?
     Unit Eight – Leadership
  • Write a thank-you letter to a congregational leader who has influenced your life.
  • What areas of congregational life are you interested in exploring more deeply?  How will you get started?
     Unit Nine – Closure
  • What memories of the Coming of Age program do you hope to keep?
  • If you have photos, attach them to your journal.