Mentor Program Syllabus

February 2015

1) Mentor-Youth Connect: Please Schedule Time With Your Youth
Review The Section On This Website For Writing A Faith Statement

2) Credo Group Connect: Please Schedule An Online Meeting With Your Credo Group
Adapt The Following:

Read The Following Two Poems:

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying:
I Am:

Ask Any Of The Following:

What Is Charles Finn Trying To Say?
What Is Virginia Satir Trying To Say?
How Are The Poems The Same? Different?

Do You Think Who You Are Is A Tangible Thing, An Intangible Thing, Or Both? Explain.

If The Author Of The First Poem Never Took Off His Masks, How Do You Predict His Life Would Turn Out?

When Is It Most Difficult To Be Yourself? Why?

Do You Love Yourself? Why Or Why Not? (This Question Is Better For A Mentor To Ask A  During Mentor-Youth Connect Session)

Why Do You Think It’s Important To Have The Freedom To Reinvent Yourself As Often As You Like?

Should People Be Encouraged To Improve Themselves?  Why Or Why Not?

If Someone Is Happy With Who They Are And Is Not Interested In Self-Improvement, Should That Wish Be Respected? What If That Person Is Causing Others Distress Or Suffering?

Do You Think That You Will Make It A Point To Improve Who You Are As A Person Continually? Why Or Why Not?