Prompts For Credo Development

Community Building

Write about a community (friends, family, church, team, etc.) where you feel included and safe.  Write about a community where you feel excluded or unsafe. What is the difference?
What makes you feel included in a community? What makes you feel safe?

Unitarian Universalist Beliefs

What stories, movies, or TV shows mean the most to you? Why? Do they reflect your values? If so, how? Do they reflect UU values? If so, how?
Who are the people you cherish? Why do you cherish them? What does that say about what you value?
What idea, concept, object, or philosophy do you think is the most valuable in your life right now?

Unity and Diversity

What religious believes do you share with your family? Are there religious beliefs that you and your family don’t share? If so, what are those and why do you thin you cam to hold difference beliefs than other members of your family?

Good and Evil

What have you experienced or seen that you would label “evil”? What have you experienced or seen that you would label “good”?
Where do you think evil comes from? Where do you think good comes from?

Talking about Unitarian Universalism

Tell about a positive experience and a negative experience you have had in discussing your faith and/or congregation.



Think about a worship experience that was meaningful to you. What made it meaningful?

Rituals of our Faith

Where, besides your congregation, have you experienced rituals? School? Home? A club or organization? Do you have fond memories associated with these rituals?

Introduction to Spiritual Practice

When you feel anxious, depressed, discouraged, or angry, what spiritual practices can help you get back to your better self?

Unitarian Universalist Theology

Starting with Us

When you think about your own nature, do you find it useful to look at yourself as a mixture of good and evil? Is there another way you prefer to evaluate yourself? Explain.

Your God Project

How have your ideas about God developed as you have grown and changed? What kind of path do you think you’re on in terms of your relationship with the sacred?

The God You Believe In, the God You Don’t

Have you ever had experiences where you felt a sense of transcending wonder and mystery? If so, describe those experiences and what that sense felt like.
What are you coming to believe about God, spirit, and the universe as a whole?

Life, Death, and Afterlife

What do you think is the best way to respond to death? To the reality that you too will have to die one day?


How UUs Make A Difference

Are there social issues that you feel strongly about? If so, describe them.   How are they related to your values and beliefs as a Unitarian Universalist? Beyond this program, what would you like to do to address those issues?


What are your personal talents and gifts?

What kind of person do you want to become?

Group Trip

What tasks were you responsible for on the community service trip? How did it feel to be doing these tasks? How were your tasks related to Unitarian Universalist principles and values?
Who do you think its important to serve? How would you do it?
Who are your spiritual heroes and heroines?

General Prompts

What makes your life worth living?
What represents a “good life” to you?
What makes you feel hopeful? What makes you feel fearful?
Do you have a purpose you feel called toward in life?