Safe Meeting Guidelines

It is our goal that Mentor-Youth Connects be safe and enjoyable for both participants.  Face-to-Face Meeting Guidelines as set forth by the Youth Religious Education Committee of the First Unitarian Church of Cleveland state:

  • Two adults, 21 years of age or older, are required for all personal meetings. One adult should be the Mentor to the Youth within the Coming of Age program, while the second adult may be a parent to the youth. Mentors and youth can meet in public places such as coffeehouses, food courts, or libraries.
  • The parent should respect the mentor model by allowing the dialog to be open and honest between the mentor and mentee without interference.  It is suggested the parent be nearby but not where they can easily overhear the dialogue or influence the conversation.
  • With a parent’s consent, another adult may accompany the mentor and youth meeting and be stationed at the same vantage point mentioned above. This second adult may not be a relative of the mentor.
  • Additionally, two mentors may meet with their youth (2 youth, 2 mentors) at the same time and place and simply sit within sight of the other.
  • Mentors may make arrangements to take their youth on an outing such as the Art Museum or a Sporting event.  If a Mentor would like to explore this option, it is encouraged that they arrange for another Mentor and Youth Pair (or pairs) to join them.  The Mentor may also choose to bring along an adult friend on an outing but must notify the DRE in advance. All such outings require the consent of each youth’s parent and are subject to the creation and signing of permission forms.
  • Mentors may also set up Mentor-Youth Connects online via Google Hangouts, Facetime, or Skype.  A parent should be made aware of this scheduling and must be on the premises at the time of the call.