What is a Credo? What is a Credo Group?

What is a Credo? The word in latin means “I believe”. But Credo also refers to the things, ideas, and beliefs to which we are committed.  It means what we stand for, the stuff that gives our life meaning.
Credo also has to do with the things that we are a living, breathing example of as we live our lives day by day.
In your Credo Group, you will talk about the ideas and beliefs that are important to you. You will also listen to other group members share about the beliefs and ideas that have meaning for them.  A different general topic will be explored each time you come together.
  • Being in a Credo Group gives you the opportunity to spend time thinking deeply about your religious beliefs and to practice listening skills in a small group of people.
  • Practice your active listening skills while working within a small group. Your Mentor will help you with what Active Listening looks like.
  • Having to write a Faith Statement can be a little overwhelming. Your Credo Group will give you a chance to talk over your feelings and ideas with a small group of trusted friends.
  • A Credo Group is designed to be a friendly, supportive place for you to look at your beliefs and be open to those of others. It’s a great way to learn about yourself and new friends.
  • A Credo Group is an opportunity to experience a small supportive group sharing the religious journey together.