Sunday Morning Flow


  • Teachers are expected to arrive to the church by 10:35am in order to be ready your learning spaces. When you arrive, please pick up your Classroom Binder from the labeled tote-bag inside the Teacher’s Lounge (Room 210).
  • Teacher Huddle is held in room 210 from 10:45-10:55am.  Teacher Huddle is a time for you to connect with your community of Teachers, to receive necessary announcements, and to ground yourself for the morning ahead.
  • Our worship hour begins at 11:00am with everyone from the church community worshipping together in the Sanctuary.
  • After 15-20 minutes, classes are dismissed. A Chalice Lighter will bring the Sanctuary flame to you so that you may light your classroom chalice and hold Candles of Community.
  • The Religious Education hour ends at 12:15pm.