Teacher Training

Thank you for volunteering!

The children and youth of First Unitarian Church of Cleveland are lucky to have you.  The gift of your time and caring is invaluable to our young people.

Each year, we depend on volunteers like you to inspire the minds and grow the souls of our children. In this section of RE-Connect, you’ll find all the nuts and bolts info you need to get started as an RE leader, plus some resources if you’d like to find more in-depth information.

I am pleased to report that the weekly Teacher’s Report is now online. You may access the report from your home computer any time during the week or you may use the computer in your new Teacher’s Lounge before leaving on Sunday Morning. Once you click submit, the report will automatically come to me and I’ll be able to see everything you need/want to share with me.

Please work your way through the modules listed to the right to ready yourself for the year ahead.

Information Modules

Click through the modules below to complete the online portion of the RE Leader Orientation.

  • Important Dates
  • Further Resources